32GB Nexus 7 Spotted In The Wild – Is the device unofficially confirmed?

Fans of the Nexus 7 have been clamoring for more larger memory options then what was originally offered at launch. Despite Google’s institence on utilizing the cloud, users have quickly found the 8GB and 16GB options restrictive and difficult to deal with. Add insult to injury with the lack of a MicroSD card slot and users have needed to get even more creative. Over the last week, rumors have been circulating of a 32GB variant of Google’s top selling tablet. Well new details have emerged today that reveals the new 32GB Nexus 7 in the wild.


It appears a Japanese customer via Twitter, claims to have nabbed a unit. The user, at Twitter handle @oppese, claims to have been mistakenly shipped one of the 32GB units. The tablet purchased was to be a 16GB model. The unit was reportedly boxed up and labeled as the 16GB model, however, @oppese powered on the device to find it had a total of 27GB available for media storage (with 5GB accounted for the OS). Check out the images below to see verify the claims.

In addition, another leaked inventory screen has made its way around the web today, from UK retailer Dixons Stores Group. The screenshot reveals the 32GB Nexus 7 priced at £199.99, same as the current price for the 16GB model. This image is very telling and could point to Google positioning the 32GB at $250 as a replacement model for the 16GB internationally. This could even point to reduced pricing on the 8GB and 16GB models. Question is when will be seeing the 32GB variation in the U.S.  and what will pricing look like.

Please keep in mind none of this information has been officially confirmed. Consider this more of a sign of things to come. Considering Apple may be a revealing their rumored 7.8-inch iPad Mini in the next couple of weeks, Google and ASUS may be readying their counter solution to ensure they stay competitive in the 7-inch tablet space.

Twitter – @ Oppese, Twitter – @Rage06

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