Amazon Announces The Launch of Mobile App Portal in Japan, Cloud Drive International Expansion

Earlier today, Amazon made some key announcements regarding its services internationally. Pertaining to its Mobile App Distribution Portal, Amazon announced today that developers can now submit their apps for distribution in Amazon’s Appstore later this year in Japan. Amazon claims this will bring a strong alternative source for Android applications to the masses, as well as providing new revenue source for developers., Inc. announced that developers can now submit apps for distribution later this year in Japan. This is another significant addition to Amazon’s complete end-to-end platform for developers looking to build, market, and monetize their apps and games. Developers can get started today by visiting the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal.

In addition Amazon made a couple of announcements about its Cloud Drive services. Amazon stated that it will launch Cloud Drive in both Spain and Italy following introductions of the service in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France earlier this month. Amazon also stated that it also improved the U.S. counterpart of Cloud Drive, allowing U.S. users to share files they upload by selecting the individual files at iPhoto users in the U.S. and Europe meanwhile can also now easily import their photos:

In addition, Cloud Drive customers in the U.S. and Europe using Mac computers can now easily upload their iPhoto albums to Cloud Drive in as little as two clicks using the Cloud Drive Desktop App. Users can select the events they want to upload and the Cloud Drive Desktop App seamlessly uploads photos so they can be enjoyed instantly on Kindle Fire or from any web browser.

Amazon via 9To5Google

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