Amazon Takes Shot At iPad Mini On Homepage With Comparison To Kindle Fire HD

As Amazon indicates sales of the Kindle Fire HD tripled the week-on-week of the iPad mini announcement, they continue their full court press with a brand new ad on their homepage. Type into your browser and you are presented with the above image, smack dab right in the center of the page. It won’t come as any surprise that Amazon clearly isn’t giving any favor to the iPad with emphasis on price, display, speakers and price. When it comes to a simple spec breakdown, on paper the Amazon tablet wins by a long-shot. Furthermore, Amazon uses their tablets as a loss-leader which explains the low price, where Apple is in it for the margins.

On a separate note, Apple’s ecosystem has long been a strong point, but Amazon has caught up in recent years and offers their own expansive catalogue of movies, games, music, books and more. The best part of this whole ad has to be the Gizmodo quote, which is certainly taken in the context Amazon wants, as Gizmodo’s full iPad mini breakdown wasn’t as negative as this quote would have us believe. Still, we can’t help but laugh at its inclusion.

Still, the iPad mini is a formidable competitor and will shake up the 7-8″ tablet market in a big way this holiday season. Let’s be honest though, our focus now is on whatever improvements Google can make to their Nexus tablet lineup, then we’ll see who really looks best on paper.


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