Android 4.2 Camera App Available With Photo Sphere For Galaxy Nexus, Some Other Devices

For those of you who have a Galaxy Nexus, and have seen Android 4.2 in action, I bet you can’t wait to have it. Photo Sphere is a particularly unique feature I personally can’t wait to test out. However, this may be the lucky day for you.

Someone on XDA has posted the Camera and Gallery from Android 4.2 for the Galaxy Nexus. It includes the brand new camera app with Photo Sphere and the new Gallery app with editing features. It’s pretty exciting to get this early. You just have to download the ZIP and flash it.

Of course, flash at your own risk. This is modifying system files so it can be dangerous. Do a backup beforehand! For example: I decided (knowing full well that it will not work out well) to flash this on my Galaxy S II. Photo Sphere didn’t work, Gallery editing didn’t work, phone kept crashing, expected stuff. Though I do have to say that the new Camera app is great: it’s the first time I’ve ever enjoyed an AOSP camera app.

If you want to try it out, the download link is in the description. Join the discussion at XDA.

Download 4.2 Camera | XDA-Developers

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