Android 4.2 Getting Notification Quick Settings?

Android Police has their hands on an Android 4.2 system dump, and they’ve been tearing it apart. Here is the first bit of info they’ve shared with us. Quick settings in the notification area. Except unlike Samsung’s method, it requires a second swipe down to activate. Out pops a big image saying “Future site of quick settings.” Clever, Google, very clever.

This would be a very good method. Sure, Samsung’s method is a lot better in portrait. No second gesture, already there. However, with expandable notifications, you need a little more space. Especially in landscape, where Samsung’s method takes up way too much space. Personally, I use shrunken toggles in the custom ROM I run, so they aren’t as massive as Samsung designed them to be. Either way, quick settings is something long overdue in stock code, and Google’s implementation is definitely good.

Another change is that the status bar doesn’t disappear when you open your notifications. There was a problem with it disappearing: it hid the battery and signal indicators. However, it looked so much cleaner. A big clock, all monochrome… it was an incredible look. With the status bar visible, the look is ruined. Personally, I feel like they should integrate that important info into the notification shade and hide the status bar again. I adore the clean look of Jelly Beans notification shade.

Last visible change: The status bar only drags down as far as your last notification. One word: no. This is not a clean implementation of the notification shade, nor is it practical in the sense that your full focus is not on the notifications anymore. It looks worse, it works worse, and it should not be kept. Google, please don’t keep this change. Google reads DroidDog, right? Yeah!

So what do you think of the first few changes revealed in Android 4.2? Will it be a worthy update? Will you ever get it? Tell us in the comments!

Android Police

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