AT&T Holiday Event Shows Off Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Camera

AT&T’s holiday event extravaganza continued last night with a look at the upcoming Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy Camera. The Note II is another device that should need little introduction as the hotly anticipated follow-up to the original Galaxy Note. Samsung and AT&T have yet to discuss launch information, only responding with the typical “coming soon” mantra of PR flack. There’s little question that the Note II looks huge in the hand, but if you’re eyeing this you already know that it’s going to call for some unwieldy hand movements to place it just right.

Engadget’s Joseph Volpe perhaps said it best in his own Note II hands on post last night when he wrote: “If you thought the original Note was big and unwieldy, prepare to stretch your thumb even further up the display.”

The Galaxy Camera is one device that definitely has our interest as AT&T showed off the Android powered point-and-shoot device last night. Having announced the camera as piggybacking off the AT&T network earlier in the day, it only made sense that AT&T would show it off in the evening. As a quick reminder, the Galaxy Camera has all the trappings of a real camera including a 16 megapixel lens, 20x optical zoom, 4.8″ Jelly Bean powered interface all powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos CPU.

Early feedback seems to be positive, with reports of speedy performance for launching of apps like the on-board gallery. Though reports call it a little heavier than the standard point-and-shoot, we’re still incredibly eager to get some real-world hands on time and see what kind of pictures Samsung’s most interesting Android product can turn out.

Samsung has said the Galaxy Camera will be available in time for the holidays.

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