Best Buy May Be Launching An Insignia-Branded Tablet, Aims For The Budget Market

Cheap, 7-inch Android tablets have been bringing in plenty of sales for the little green robot, but offerings larger than up usually spike in price. A new report states that Best Buy will be launching its own, 9.7-inch tablet on November 11th in the $240-260 range. Under the in-house Insignia brand, the device could finally bring larger, quality tablets to the budget price range.

Beyond that, not much about the tablet is known. One of the biggest factors of the tablet could be whether or not it has access to the Google Play store, which would be an important factor for anyone looking to purchase. Specs are big as well, as a subpar screen and weak processor could easily make this another forgettable tablet.

Best Buy has the potential to market and sell its own tablet, there’s no doubt about that. What do you think? Could Best Buy make a quality tablet?

Reuters via AndroidAndMe

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