Carrier Billing On Verizon For The Play Store Launches Today

The day has finally come: Verizon now allows you to buy apps from the Play Store and charge your bill instead of your credit card. Though I personally use a credit card, carrier billing has often been a useful feature in the family on AT&T. For first time Android users, the setup for buying apps is a lot quicker and easier.

However, there is one risk: the fact that it’s quicker and easier can also be a curse. It just makes it easier for children or irresponsible people to spend a lot of money on both apps and in app purchases (the latter is much scarier, as you can buy as many as you want). Luckily, the Play Store has a security PIN feature you can set. Though it’s easy to get rid of if you know what you’re doing, it’ll be safe for young children.

Do you guys think this is a useful addition? Would you use it? Have you on other carriers. Tell us in the comments!

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