CNET is Convinced LG and Google Announcing Next Nexus Device End of October, Are You?

The rumors are becoming more and more convincing that Google’s next Nexus device will be LG made.  After alleged hands on report from a friend of a Google employee, now CNET is reporting that the Google and LG will be making the device announcement together at the end of the month.  This new information comes from “a person briefed on the matter” which certainly sounds official.   Additionally, MoDaCo’s Paul O’Brien, who is definitely someone who I would say is “in-the-know” reported on some of the specs of this new LG Nexus earlier.  So, a lot of people are pointing to the reality of this new LG-Google relationship and device.  Now we have a time frame for an official announcement.

Now I’m interested in your thoughts on this news.  Are you convinced these LG-Google rumors are true?  Overwhelming evidence yet?  I myself am not crazy stoked on the idea of an LG manufactured Nexus device due to poor LG experiences in the past.  However, I feel like some of those poor experiences may be due to software issues which would’ve been LG’s fault.  Obviously this time, if the rumors are true, Google will be doing the software, which gives me more confidence.  Is this Nexus device everything you were hoping for?  Or are you still hanging onto rumors that there will be multiple Nexus devices announced?  I might be.  Let us know by commenting below…


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