comScore Shows Nothing New, But Doesn’t Yet Factor In iPhone 5

This comScore is over a 3 month period ending in August, which is before the iPhone 5 launch, so they are a little irrelevant at the moment. Still, the numbers show the state of the phone ecosystem a month ago. As you can imagine, Google is in first place with a growth of 1.7%, up to 52.6%. Apple had a 2.4% growth up to 34.3%. RIM dropped another 3.1% to 8.3%, and surprisingly, Microsoft dropped 0.4% to a tiny 3.6%.

The most interesting scores will be 3 months from now, showing Apple’s growth post iPhone 5 launch. That’s what I’m interested in seeing. Do you think that Apple will have huge growth? Or will it not be significant? Tell us in the comments!


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