CoPilot Pokes Fun At TomTom, Claims Compatibility With Over 250 Android Devices

When the TomTom GPS app for Android launched, it surprised us that it wasn’t compatible with any of our high end devices. Top selling phones like the Galaxy S III and the One X were left out. It doesn’t get much stranger than that, considering a massive part of the audience is left out.

CoPilot didn’t waste time in using that as an incentive for others to buy their app. The developers of CoPilot, ALLK Technologies, announced that their GPS app works on over 250 Google-certified Android devices, meaning that most people can use it. Here is what they said:

“Our mission is simple – to make sure CoPilot runs brilliantly on as many Android devices as possible.” said David Quin, Head of Consumer Applications at ALK Technologies. “We have been developing GPS navigation apps for the Android platform since the launch of T Mobile G1 in 2008 and we’ve learned an incredible amount about handling differing screen sizes and resolutions. The latest additions to the Android family such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII and HTC One X are perfect for GPS navigation with their high resolution touch screens.”

They have a valid point: an app is infinitely more useful if it actually works with all your devices. But tell us what you think, was this malicious or a service to the public?

Android Central

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