[Editorial] What Kinds Of Accessories Do You Buy For Your Phone?

One of the misconceptions when people buy a smartphone is that they’ve made the purchase and they don’t have to spend any more money. Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t function that way. A data plan comes into the picture, possibly insurance, app and music purchases, and of course, accessories.

If you’re not careful, you can rack up big costs over a short period of time just buying accessories for your phone. People often find a way to justify needing an accessory so they don’t realize how much they’re actually spending. I personally have friends who will drop $60 on a case without even batting an eye. Other people will easily drop $100+ on a speaker dock for just their iPod. It can be quite interesting to see what accessories people will buy and how much they’ll spend on it.

For example, wireless charging. As it’s beginning to be implemented more and more, people are really beginning to see how much it costs. A wireless charging pad is an investment in itself usually costing upwards of $60 or $70. And if your phone doesn’t have wireless charging built right into the cover out of the box then you’ll need to purchase a wireless charging cover which can be another $60. Right there you have about $120 of expenditures at the cheapest and all you got was the ability to charge your phone on a mat without plugging in a cord. But some people have a hankering for this kind of technology and will pay the arm and leg required to get it. Others may not understand but to them, it will have been a good purchase if that’s what they really want.

There’s also desk docks that can be pricey. Depending on the features that they have, desk docks can often cost over $30 just for a dock that charges, maybe has a 3.5mm headphone jack, and if you’re lucky, an HDMI port. It’s a steep price to pay for those who won’t use it often but some enjoy just setting their phone in a dock on their desk and having it play their music through external speakers while charging. It won’t seem like much to the person who considers it an invaluable accessory for their phone, just something to make their life a bit easier.

But one of the more expensive accessories is a speaker dock. While some can be cheap and come in around the $20 mark, others can easily go into hundreds of dollars. If you want something simple for your iPod or smartphone then you can usually find something small and portable at your local Best Buy that won’t have great sound quality but will be louder than what you phone can produce. But wireless audio is also becoming a popular trend so options like the Jambox by Jawbone have come out to satiate that need by putting nice, wireless sound in a small portable package that can be easily thrown into a backpack or purse. But there are other options for speaker docks that are much more expensive. For example, you could really splurge and get something like the Samsung E-750 Wireless Audio Dock or maybe the Klipsch G-17 Air. Both of these options include very high-end audio systems that can wirelessly stream music from your phone with the Samsung also being able to stream from anything with Bluetooth 3.0 and above. In fact, if I was to buy any accessory for my phone then it would an speaker dock. More specifically, the E-750 although its a bit out of my price range.

Of course, we can’t forget the most popular accessories, the case and screen protector. Both are found commonly and can range from very cheap (just a few cents online) to quite costly, even over $60 sometimes. Many who just want something to prevent their phone from getting scratched will buy an inexpensive case online but those who are prone to accidents with their phone may choose to buy something like an OtterBox or a LifeProof case for serious protection. With that serious protection comes a serious price tag that depends on what kind of protection you get. That cost for a mere case can drive you into spending over $60 just to protect your phone. Screen protects can also be quite expensive for just a piece of plastic film or if you really splurge, an extra layer of glass. And yet, you hear horror stories of people who have dropped their phones without a case and have destroyed them. On the other hand, you hear of people who buy a case for their phone and give it a severe drop and have it survive due to their case. If that happens then a case can be worth the investment.

There are many other types of accessories as well such as car mounts, spare batteries, exercise trackers, and a whole variety of other things that I don’t have time to talk about. Instead, I want to get to the meat of the article. You know, the part where I ask your opinion and what you have to say. So in due order, what do you have to say? What kinds of accessories do you buy for your phone and how much are you willing to spend? Just spout your words into the comments and I’m sure they’ll thank you for making use of them.

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