Finally, Gmail For Android Will Get Pinch To Zoom In Android 4.2

If there is one issue, one single standalone issue that I have with Gmail app on Android, it has long been the lack of a pinch-to-zoom feature. I don’t know what has caused such a lengthy delay in Google bringing this feature to their very own built in app, but it’s been far too long. Thankfully, today we have some good news, nay, the amazing news is that Android 4.2 rectifies this issue and introduces pinch-to-zoom inside the Gmail app. It’s definitely about time.

That’s not all the Android 4.2 Gmail app introduces however, as a brand new swipe to delete/archive feature is now included. You can change the swipe option to “no effect,” “archive or delete” or “always delete.” When you swipe messages in the inbox they will move into the All Mail box.

The addition of pinch-to-zoom is an absolutely awesome though long overdue feature to the default Gmail app, but we’re not complaining with it being so close we can taste it. All we have to do now is find a phone that’s guaranteed to get Android 4.2.

Android Police

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