Galaxy S III Display Higher Tech Than iPhone 5

There was a study done by IHS on the display technologies behind the glass of the Galaxy S III and the new iPhone 5. The results are actually surprising: The Galaxy S III display is higher tech compared to the display of the iPhone 5. First of all, the iPhone 5 display only shows 72 percent of the standard NTSC color gamut, while the Galaxy S III shows all 100%. This is shocking, considering how high end the iPhone 5 display is made out to be.

Another way the Galaxy S III display is better is how thin it is. Apple is touting their new lamination technology that makes the screen much thinner, but people forget that Samsung introduced a similar technology to the mass market with the Galaxy S. It had the digitizer integrated into the glass, all of it being one piece. Each Galaxy S after that had the same tech built in, being refined more and more, and now it shows. Apple’s display is 1.5mm thick, while the Galaxy S III’s display is only 1.1mm thick. That’s a pretty big difference.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the display on the Galaxy S III is better than the one on the iPhone 5. That’s very much preference, as they use completely different technologies. Each has their pros and cons. But what do you guys think of this information? Tell us in the comments!


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