Gameloft Releases NFL Pro 2013 Into Google Play, Available For Free

When I’m not writing here at DroidDog, I’m a huge football fan. It’s hands down my favorite sport, and I even play it. In fact, as this is being written I have the Monday night football game on in front of me. To cut things short, I’m a huge football fan. That’s why I’m delighted to hear that Gameloft’s NFL Pro 2013 has hit Google Play.

Over the past few years, EA has released a version of Madden for mobile devices, the only issue being the price tag: it was usually about $6.99. Personally, I can’t spend that much when there’s alternatives like the free Ninja Fishing that keeps me just as entertained. And that’s the beauty of NFL Pro; it’s free.

That’s right, free football entertainment right in you pocket. Hit the Google Play link to grab it know, and be sure to let us know the score of your first game.

Google Play via Android Police

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