Google Acquires Facial Recognition Firm Viewdle

It has been well known for some time that Google was attempting to improve upon facial recognition tech and some news has been revealed as to how they plan to do so. According to CNET, Google’s Motorola Mobility will be acquiring the facial recognition technology company Viewdle. A Motorola Mobility PR spokesman states:

“Motorola Mobility today announced that it has acquired Viewdle, a leading imaging & gesture recognition company. Motorola and Viewdle have an existing commercial agreement and have been collaborating for some time. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.”

CNET reported on Monday that Google was about to close a deal to buy Viewdle, a Ukrainian developer of facial recognition technology that automatically tags photos. Apparently the acquisition had been in the works for more than a year. According to a source, Motorola was already in talks with Viewdle when Google acquired it last year.

The final purchase price is not yet known, but some estimates say it is toward the high end of a $30 million to $45 million range. Now Viewdle’s technology will allow Google to hopefully apply the tech to its Google+, Picasa, and Android applications to give users the chance to easily tag photos of friends and family.


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