Google+ Activity Reveals Google & LG Employees Using ‘Nexus 4′

Over the last few weeks, details have continued to leak over the newest Nexus device produced by LG. The new Nexus – referred to as the Nexus 4 – hasn’t officially been announced, however, new evidence has come out that further cements what the final product name will be. According to Google+ activity by both a Google and LG employee, there have been new photo uploads to the social network utilizing a device named the “Nexus 4″. This is the closest we have come to an official confirmation of a name for the new Nexus. On the photos uploaded, the EXIF information for the shots list the camera used as the ‘Nexus 4′.

Both of the photos were taken on Saturday, and uploaded to the social network over the weekend. Jason Parks, a Google employee, still has them on his profile, although due to the sensitive and personal nature of the images, they are not published in this story. His South Korean counterpart, Bae Sang-Hoon, has since removed the posts. This comes following a leak last week from Carphone Warehouse’s inventory that also listed the device as the Nexus 4. Keep in mind that French newspaper Le Figaro has claimed the Nexus 4 will be revealed on October 29th. DroidDog will continue to monitor over all leaks to get you the latest details coming out for the Nexus 4.

Jason Parks – Google+, Bae Sang-Hoon – Google+ via The Verge


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