Google Beefing Up Customer Service Staff Ahead Of New Nexus Launch?

Google’s live customer support has seemed to be a bit of a sore spot when it comes to Nexus launches, which has led to lengthy hold times and irritated customers. Needless to say, the launch of Nexus 7 did not go off without a hitch and to avoid a repeat scenario, it appears Google is beefing up call center staff in preparation for another Nexus device launch.

According to, recruiters have visited Bay Area campuses looking for Android fans who might be willing to come and work with Google within the next few weeks. At $19 an hour, it’s not an unattractive job for a college student and coupled with anyone who has a love for Android, and it could turn out to be a nice temporary way to earn some extra cash.

As of now, Google doesn’t have any mention of these positions on their own website, but that could only be to avoid the onslaught of rumors it would create. says their source expects Google to be fully staffed and trained by the end of the month, further validating an end of October launch for the rumored LG Nexus.

Could it also mean that Google is prepping for the launch of multiple Nexus devices this season? That too is possible and we’re hopeful that any increase in Google’s customer support staff means they expect big sales volume and we’re definitely ok with that.


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