Google Employee Says “LOL” Regarding Those Android 4.2 Rumors

We knew the earlier rumors of Android 4.2 might contain some errant information, and now that rumor post is causing Google employee Dan Morrill to have a good laugh. Morrill, a member of the Android team at Google didn’t reference which site he was reading, though I think it’s fairly obvious given the large rumor post that went up yesterday. Morrill wasn’t giving away any secrets, nor indicating if his LOL was because the information was so very wrong, or very dead on — though we lean toward the latter. Of course this is why we urged you read the earlier rumor post with the definite possibility some of the intel was incorrect.

Perhaps Google has something even more interesting in store for us come Android 4.2, I can’t wait to see what they present.

Androidandme via Google + Dan Morrill

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