Google Enables Sharing Files From Google Drive To Google+ Stream Or Specific Circles

A not so insignificant problem with Google services is that they are scattered around and disjointed. Functional, but disjointed. Well Google is slowly fixing that, and has made great strides this month. First, they had started a trial for showing Gmail, Drive, and Calendar results in Google searches. Then, they updated Google Now with Gmail integration. Now they added Google+ integration into Google Drive, making Drive a more connected service and making Google+ a lot more useful for group projects.

Now you can share files (like documents or photos) to your stream or specific circles. For example, you can make a circle with all your group buddies for a work/school project, and all of you can share progress through Google Drive. It sounds fantastic to me. Google software engineer Li-Wei Lee said:

With Google+, you can share what you want with just the right people. That might be pictures from your weekend apple picking adventure or an article from your favorite new blog. Starting today, you can also share the stuff you create and store in Google Drive, and people will be able to flip through presentations, open PDFs, play videos and more, directly in the Google+ stream.

To get started, simply click the Google+ icon when you’re sharing from Drive, or copy-and-paste a link to a file from Google Drive into one of your Google+ posts

Will you be using this feature? What would you use it for? Chime in down below!

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