Google Expanding Field Trial For Gmail/Drive/Calendar Results In Google Search

Last month, Google started a trial for a feature called Google Search+ , a limited beta that not many were able to participate in. The highlight of the new search feature has been that it adds relevant Gmail messages to your search results. For example, you can simply search for the phrase “NFL tickets” and any emails that you have discussing “NFL tickets” will then appear in your search query.

Now Google has announced they are expanding the field trial to include even more users. Both existing and new registered users will start to see that Google Drive files will now start appearing in the search results as well. This is fantastic as it potentially gives users a faster and more efficient method of accessing their data. In addition Gmail searches will now begin returning results from Google Calendar events as well.

Users looking to get started with the new expanded search features can go to Google’s open field trial. The trial is currently limited to English-speaking users with regular accounts. Google does say it “may not be able to activate the experiment for everyone.”

The Verge

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