Google Introduces New Compose Window In Gmail

One problem I’ve always had with Gmail is that I have to leave the compose screen when I take a look at other emails. Gmail’s interface is a bit archaic in some ways, and this is one of them. Despite not liking Yahoo Mail, their tab-based system works a lot better.

Google seems to understand that, so they’ve redesigned the compose interface. Instead of opening a new page, it opens a small popup window inside your current tab (not a pop out separate window in your OS), akin to Google Talk chats. This means you’ll be able to access Gmail behind your new email. You will also be able to write multiple emails at once and minimize them at will, just like chats.

A preview of this new system is rolling out today, but not yet for everyone. And over the coming months, they will roll it out to more people. I can’t wait to get this new system, it looks great. But what do you guys think? Tell us in the comments!

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