Google Now Updated, Comes With Voice Actions And Gmail Integration

Along with Android 4.2 came an update to Google Now, not limited to Android 4.2 users. It’s a pretty significant update, so if you’re running Android 4.1 or above, hit the source link to grab the update.

Google is integrating Gmail into Google Now. They’ve been doing this with the Google search box on the site for a few weeks, so it makes sense that they’d integrate it into Google Now. It’s good to see more integration between Google services, as that is what Google needs right now.

It also includes voice actions, which many people have been waiting for. You can now do things such as launch apps, schedule meetings, and check when your next appointment is. Of course, I think it needs more functionality, but this is definitely a good start.

Google has now included card functionality, for quicker information access, to things like flights, restaurant reservations, hotel confirmations, events, packages,. and nearby landmarks. These cards drastically improve the speed and ease of getting the information you want.

So now that the update is out, are you happier with Google Now? Will you use it more? Or is it still an unused app to you? We’d like to know!

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