Google Passes Microsoft Market Cap In Todays Trading

As Google passes Microsoft’s market cap for the first time in the history of both companies, we’re left wondering if this is Google growing, Microsoft shrinking or somewhere in the middle of both? If we had told you 10 or 15 years ago that an Internet search engine that started in a garage would surpass the seemingly invincible Microsoft in market cap in 2012, you’d likely have called us crazy.

At the beginning of the year, Google was $19 billion behind Microsoft in market cap but they have clearly closed that gap and as of now, are just a bit ahead of Microsoft. Of course anything can happen today as MS could bounce back today and again take the lead. Even if that is the case, we’re pretty confident Google is going to overtake Microsoft in the long run, even as the launch of Windows and Windows Phone 8 approaches.

What do you think, will Google continue to grow larger than Microsoft?


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