Google Play Store 3.9.16 APK Update – Additional Features Identified; Malware Scanner & Wish List Progress

Yesterday we reported on the recent Google Play update along with the changes that would be coming with the 3.9.16 APK. Right away, users were able to identify key changes such as the removal of apps from the “My Apps” listing as well as an enhanced notification system.

Well courtesy of Android Police, a recent scan of the latest Google Play Store 3.9.16 APK has revealed new details. As reported earlier this summer, the Play Store indeed will have wish lists and in a surprising but welcomed move, the search giant will be introducing a malware scanner as well. This marks the first time any concrete evidence has popped up regarding having an in-house solution by Google to handle malware from the client end.

According to Android Police: “Apparently, there are two parts to this. There is something called  ‘App Check‘ that will allow Google to inspect every app you’ve already downloaded, and a doorman-style app blocker that will warn you if an app is suspicious. It also sounds like they will have a “shut up and download it” button, for people that like to live on the edge.”

Google has for some time now had it’s own server-side Play Store malware software, known as Bouncer. However, this new client-side solution is clearly in the works and is believed to be a  result of their recent acquisition of VirusTotal.

Google PlayAndroid Police       image via Engadget

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