Google Play Store Now Has 700,000 Apps, Catches Up To App Store

In the midst of Google’s awesome day of announcements yesterday, there was one more announcement left as Google Play has hit 700,000 available applications. The arrival at 700,000 apps means Google has now matched Apple in terms of sheer volume of games, programs and productivity tools usable on tablets and smartphones.

Unfortunately, that number still hides the fact that developers still tend to view Apple’s App Store as the place to launch first, but when it comes to the biggest app selection, Apple no longer has the high ground. By continuing to grab developers for the Android platform, Google hopes to carve out even more of the $219 billion dollar smartphone market as applications continue to be a primary focal point for choosing a platform.

As of last week, Apple announced that it has paid more than $6.5 billion to developers, and while Google has yet to announce similar numbers, Apple continues to argue that iOS leads to more sales.

Hopefully, Google’s brand new Nexus lineup will lead to an increase in developer attention as the hardware not only matches, but in some cases surpasses that of the iPad and iPhone 5.

One thing is for certain, the race to the top of the App Store mountain continues to heat up.


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