Google reveals a business plan to sell web content utilizing Google Wallet

According to 9To5Google,  a recent rough draft on Google’s Commerce blog revealed that the search giant may soon be allowing Google Wallet users to purchase web content using Google’s payment option. The blog post was reportedly published and then quickly removed, however, a cached version of the deleted post was obtained that contained the details of new feature.

An excerpt from the blog post can be found below:

“Today we are announcing Google Wallet for web content – an experiment designed to help content creators bring more of this high-quality content to the web…Google Wallet has several interesting features that help your readers feel comfortable buying your web content.”

A few of the features include:

  • Buy web pages individually —Users can buy what they desire with prices ranging from 25 cents to 99 cents.
  • Instant Refund if they don’t like the content — Available within 30 minutes of purchasing, but Google is keeping a close eye to prevent excessive refunding.
  • Long preview content — Search engines rank articles based on the free preview content, so users should make long previews to rank well.
  • Rich obfuscated content —Users can show what is available for purchase in an obfuscated version of the page.
  • Single secure payment method — Allows users to buy web content with the same Google Wallet account linked across all Google products.
  • Provide perpetual access — Content belongs to a user for forever once bought, and Google even provides an archive service to support perpetual access if website expires.
  • Compatible with ads — Allows ads to run alongsidpreview content, so users can get an ad impression without relying on folks to buy the content.

Members of the Google Wallet for the Web team, Rob Ennals and Pali Bhat, also revealed publisher Pearson, and its subsidiaries Dorling Kindersley and Peachpit, as well as the Oxford University Press are already signed up to sell web content with Google Wallet, while GigaOm and Motely Fool will possibly be ready for launch.

Stay tuned for additional details on the story or perhaps a revised posting for Google Wallet’s web content purchases.



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