Google Talk Offering Similar Function To Google Now

Only a small percentage of Android devices have Jelly Bean, and Jelly Bean is the only way to have Google Now. It’s a very useful app I find myself actually using once in a while. However, if you don’t have Jelly Bean, or even an Android phone, you can experience a small part of Google Now yourself. If you have a Google Talk app on any device, and add as a contact, you can ask it things and it’ll respond with useful information. Here’s a list of useful commands:

  • Score *team*: Let’s you search the score of the specified team
  • Weather *city*: Tells you the current weather on defined location
  • Define *word*: Dictionary
  • Translate *word*: Translator
  • Web *query*: Google!

It’ll give you some good results if you word your phrase properly. Sure, it won’t talk or anything, but it’s definitely useful for those without Jelly Bean. Tell us, would you ever use this feature? And if you will, tell us how it goes!

Android Spin

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