Google’s New Chromebook Laptop Arrives In Google’s Play Store For $250

Google’s new Chromebook has made its landing in the Play Store store for the promised $250 price tag, marking a relaunch of sorts of the Chromebook platform for Google. With a $250 price point, you score an Exynos 5 processor, 11.6″ 1366 x 768 display, 6.5 battery life, HDMI port, 2.5 pound frame and a Mali-T604 GPU for taking care of any 3D processing needs.

Google’s got a fairly lofty idea with the Chromebook: to live life completely in the browser and if you have the right expectations, it’s not a half bad adventure. With all the Chrome apps available that live in tabs, you won’t get the same kind of multitasking experience like you would on a traditional PC, but the point of this computer is to drop all that “extra” junk.

So what do you think, a nice holiday gift for someone?

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