Google’s Play Store A Success – Revenue up 137% for 2012 YTD

Over the past year, Google has made it a point to communicate the wins of their Android platform. On a daily basis, Android is experiencing 1.3 Million unique activations, Android phones account for 68% of the smartphone market, and the top OEM handset manufacturer, Samsung, has benefited greatly from sales of its Android based Galaxy SIII models. Now Google is showcasing another strong stat for Android’s vitality.

Currently Google’s Play Store is seeing fantastic revenue results. The Play Store has seen a massive revenue rise of 137% during the first 7 months of this year when compared with this same period last year. This is great news for consumers as well as developers interested in setting up business in Google’s ecosystem. This is a testament that Android simply cannot be ignored by developers and truly needs to see simultaneous release of apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

On a daily basis approximately 800 apps are arriving on the Play Store. However, keep in mind many of these apps are not truly trend setting, mind blowing affairs. Developers certainly face an uphill battle as apps that struggle out of the gate are often forgotten about within a week but Google has shown they want to help. App quality and expectations are certainly something Google has made a point to address. Currently their Ice Cream Sandwich design guide has worked wonders in helping the development community in creating and designing the best apps. This is key to Google improving the Play Store and certainly tackling Apple’s juggernaut of an app store.

What would you like  to see going forward with the Google Play Store? Are there apps out on Apple’s app store that Google is lacking and you wished you could have? What do you think is the future of the Play Store?

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