Google’s Vic Gundotra Teases World With Pics Posted From Nexus 10

Google’s Senior VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra loves to tease on his Google+ page and this time he’s dropping hints at the unannounced but widely expected 10″ Nexus tablet. The shot itself is only 2048×1536, or a 3.1 megapixel shot, which is likely the result of resizing to better fit the Google+ page. Still, it’s clear as day that the camera is marked as the “Nexus 10,” leaving little doubt about the tablets existence. It is possible to manipulate that camera entry, but we’d have a hard time believing a top level Googler would do such a thing days before Google’s Playground event in New York City.

Who knows, maybe he’ll post from the LG Nexus 4 today.

You can check out the pics from the Nexus 10 on his Google+ page now.

Google+ Vic Gundotra

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