Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Coming To Android


On October 29th, Rockstar Games will be celebrating the 10-year anniverary of its seminal PlayStation 2 hit Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. To commerate the occassion, Rockstar has announced that the classic console game will be finding its way to mobile devices this fall. According to the announcement, the game will be available on “a wide range” of iOS and Android devices later on this fall, and will feature “native high-resolution graphics.” Exact details over what features the mobile port will have are unknown at this point but Rockstar did state the game will include several “several enhancements”.

The third-person shooter puts players in control of Tommy Vercetti, a mobster who has been sent from Liberty City to Vice City (New York – Miami) after being in jail for a few years. While there’s a main storyline, GTA games are well-known for their open-world exploration, allowing you to really soak in an exaggerated, parodied atmosphere of 1980′s Florida. Of course, there’s plenty of random acts of crime to indulge in, too.

The launch follows last year’s 10-year anniversary release of GTA III on mobile devices, which means we can likely expect to be playing GTA: San Andreas on our phones sometime in 2014.

Grand Theft Auto III is also currently on sale at $0.99 in part to the Vice City Anniversary.


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