Granny Smith Updated, Space Level Difficulty Lowered, I Am Not Updating

Granny Smith is an extremely popular game for Android, with a well deserved 4.8 star average rating. I can not emphasize enough how good this game is. Recently, it had been updated with a whole new world and a bunch of new levels set in space. Today is a sad day for us all, as the game has once again been updated. This time, they ramped down the difficulty of the space levels. Due to popular demand, the levels were deemed too difficult. Here’s an example:

Sure, the old levels were difficult, but that adds a bit of challenge to the final part of the game. Personally, I shall not be updating. I want to win those levels first (haven’t gotten that far yet). Tell us, will you update? Were they too hard?

Play Store: Granny Smith | Droid-Life

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