Guides To Rooting The Galaxy Note II On Windows, OSX, And Linux

So you have a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7100, and you’re already feeling the itch to mod it? Need root in your life? We know the feeling, so we are providing the ultimate set of guides to root your Note II on any computer.

First, we have to warn you that rooting is always a risky procedure and should be done at your own risk. DroidDog nor the developer is responsible for any possible damages. Read carefully, be cautious, and have fun. Also, this will raise your flash counter and give you the yellow triangle at boot, voiding your warranty. There will most likely be a TriangleAway update soon from Chainfire to remove the triangle easily without a computer, so don’t fret!

First, you’re going to need the necessary files for the rooting procedure. If you will be doing the procedure on a Windows computer, click here for the necessary files. If you will be doing this on a Mac or a Linux machine, click here.

Now that you have those files, let’s get to the instructional videos!




If any of you can’t access YouTube for any reason, or need some extra help, there are also written guides her:

Galaxy Note 2 Root: Windows
Galaxy Note 2 Root: OSX
Galaxy Note 2 Root: Linux

Thanks to zedomax for creating these tutorials. Happy flashing! Tell us how it goes!


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