HTC Talks About Tablet Market, Staying Out Of It For Now

HTC has sold 3 different Android tablets in the past two years, one being a cellular variation of the other. They were the HTC Flyer, the Sprint EVO View 4G, and the AT&T HTC Jetstream. This encompassed both the lower end of the spectrum (Flyer was $300) and the high end (Jetstream was $700).

HTC had said that the tablets met expectations and taight them a lot. However, they wouldn’t return to the market until they could make a product that could compete with the iPad.

I do have a small issue with that. It doesn’t take a truly good product to compete with the iPad. It takes reputation for the platform as a whole. HTC wants to sit out, wait for all the other companies to take risks and build that reputation for Android, show people that it is a good platform for tablets. Then products will properly compete with the iPad. If HTC wants to step in then, that’s both selfish and stupid. Stupid because it means they will have missed their chance, to make a pioneering and winning product. They’ll enter the game late and won’t be popular. They should know the importance of a head start, since they pioneered Android as a whole.

According to Pew Research Center, iPad domination dropped from 81% last year to 52% this year, with Samsung being the biggest Android tablet vendor. Samsung pushed tablets before Honeycomb was even released, and hasn’t given up. They’ve made a lot of progress. HTC should learn a thing or two from that.

HTC claims that they may come back to the tablet market sometime, with no plans to go either budget or high end. I guess we will see where HTC leads us, or if they will succeed with such a laid back strategy. What do you think about this situation? Will HTC’s lax stance on tablets set them up for failure? Or is it strategic? Tell us in the comments!

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