Images of a Sony Nexus Device Surface – Hint of 5 new Nexus devices on the way?

Rumors have been circulating throughout the year that 5 new Nexus devices would be released by year’s end to commemorate Android’s 5 year anniversary. So we have to this point seen substantial evidence of a LG device but little else thus far. Well in an effort to keep things interesting, it appears some images have leaked of a new Sony Nexus device entitled the “Nexus X”. Please keep in mind, however, that these images could possibly not be real and this is the only evidence of such a device existing.

Nevertheless, the images are of an unknown Sony smartphone that were spotted on Picasa and tagged as “Nexus X”.  Looking at the EXIF data of the photos, the images were taken using a Galaxy Nexus. Could this be the rumored Xperia Nexus that was hinted at back in August? If these images are indeed real, would you end up selecting this device over LG’s offering?

Another thing to keep in mind, is that it appears the Nexus phone design Google has chosen seems to align closely with the design of the Galaxy Nexus as seen by the new Nexus 4. This Sony design on the other hand greatly differs overall.

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