Jelly Bean Build Leaked For Sprint Galaxy S III

The Sprint Galaxy S III is finally getting a taste of Jelly Bean outside of ports. A leak meant for the phone has been released in all its TouchWiz glory. It’s 4.1.1, the newest version of Android, and has been packaged like any other ROM. You just flash it. The developer has created two versions, odexed and deodexed. If you want to theme the ROM, we suggest you flash the deodexed version.

He has also made a few tweaks, like adding boot animation support and the Jelly Bean boot animation, a modified kernel with adb shell @ root, and fixed root in the build. If you want to flash a rooted build, this might be the ROM to flash. There don’t seem to be any problems aside from MMS, so it should be safe to flash. However, proceed at your own risk: flashing is dangerous and no one is responsible for any damages. Hit the source link if you want to download it.

XDA | XDA Portal

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