Leak Of Wireless Charging Pad For Nexus 4, Is That A TouchStone?

We aren’t at all sure if this is real or fake, but a wireless charging pad for the Nexus 4 has leaked out. It looks very much like a Palm Touchstone for webOS devices (and they work beautifully, I use one to charge my HP Veer), and hopefully performs just as well. If it’s anything like the Touchstone, it will be magnetic and hold the phone in place.

Looking at the rear of the Nexus 4 below the cover, there may be contacts for wireless charging. There are, indeed, plenty of contacts below the cover, so this could be legitimate. And after using a Touchstone for so long, I’d love an Android device with similar functionality. But what do you guys think of it? Is it a nice accessory? Or is wireless charging useless? Tell us in the comments!

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