Microsoft Confirms Xbox Music Service Coming To Android ‘Eventually’

Microsoft will be launching their upcoming Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone in the very near future, and to accompany the new devices, they will once again be making a big push into the world of digital music with its new Xbox Music service. The new service, which will be available across Windows 8 devices and the Xbox 360, will not be limited to Microsoft’s own platforms however. More specifically, the company confirmed earlier today that the music service will “eventually” be heading to Android and iOS, as well. Much like their previous effort with the Zune service, Xbox Music will allow for standard music streaming  however, will also be comprised of a digital download service, a cloud music storage offering and an iTunes Match-like service for importing tracks from CDs or other sources.

In order to utilize this service on other platforms, though, you’ll need a $10-per-month subscription, as the free, ad-supported Xbox Music experience will only be available on Windows 8 PCs.

Pertaining to the service’s impact on Android, Xbox Music will compete with Google’s Play Music, Spotify, and other major players in the Android community  Interestingly enough, Google’s service is certainly well established in the U.S., but unavailable internationally, which could be the open door Microsoft needs to compete in the space. If Microsoft can offer wide availability in enough countries, it’d could have the chance convert Android users over to Xbox Music before Google has the chance to launch its own service.

Never the less, DroidDog will continue to monitor the situation for more information is released on the Xbox Music service coming to Android.

Microsoft via WP Central, Android Central

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