Microsoft SmartGlass App Finally Makes Its Way To Android

Microsoft has been changing things up lately, and one of their newest projects benefits gamers. At E3 they teased an app called SmartGlass, which connects to an Xbox LIVE user’s GamerTag, allowing them to perform certain functions straight from their phone. The app allows navigation of the Xbox, the ability to control video, and can even be used by developers to link in to their games. Best of all, the new web browser in Xbox LIVE can be directly controlled through the app.

SmartGlass had previously only been available on iOS, but Microsoft has launched it on Google Play today. The only requirements are Android 4.0 or up, plus a WVGA or better screen. We took it for a spin on a Galaxy S III, and the experience was great. Hit the source link below to grab the app now, and be sure to let us know what you think.

Google Play

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