Motorola Removes Its Android Devices From The German Market

Motorola Mobility has decided to completely remove all of their Android devices from the German market. Currently as of this time, on Motorola’s website their Android product page has had all of the Android smartphones or tablets removed as well. All of this is despite the Google owned company not being found guilty of infringing upon Microsoft patents. Many believe that Motorola has done this in an effort to rework the software in order to avoid future infringment cases on any patents.

Motorola’s official statement, however, hints at something different:

“As we have previously stated Motorola Mobility is focusing on fewer mobile devices. As a result we have phased out some of our lower tier devices in Europe/Germany.”

Interestingly enough, Motorola Android devices are wildly popular in Germany so perhaps Google is trying to realign Motorola’s initiatives to generate more revenue.

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