Need For Speed: Most Wanted Launches For Android Today

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is seeing a simultaneous launch on both consoles and mobile devices, which is an awesome strategy. This game is made with the same name as an older NFS released in 2005, as a throwback to the old police chases and the good times when NFS was a great racing series. And hey, it may very well great again, I will always give it another chance.

The game has 35 different cars, modifications, police chases, and some very sharp graphics. It seems to have quite a lot to offer for a measly $7. The game looks good and seems worth a try. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to wait for a big download to finish before playing, so be on WiFi to minimize the time between the download finishing and the refund period ending. Hit the source link to buy it!

Play Store: Need For Speed Most Wanted | Phandroid

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