Need To Root Your RAZR i? Here’s A Multi Platform Root Tool

The new Motorola RAZR i has an unlockable bootloader, which is lucky (despite having to void your warranty for the privilege). But what comes after that? You’re finally free, what shall you do? Root the phone, of course.

A new tool called RAZR i Root has been released by mattlgroff. The tool roots your phone very easily. You have to install the device drivers yourself, but after that, the program will do the rest. The best part is that this tool works on Windows, Linux, and OSX. So if you want to root your brand new RAZR i, hit the source link to do so!

But a quick word of warning: Unlocking your bootloader voids warranty, and rooting is potentially dangerous. DroidDog nor the developers are responsible for any possible damages. Proceed at your own risk, and be careful.

XDA: RAZR i Root | XDA Portal

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