New Google Play Store 3.9.16 Allows Removal Of Apps From “All Apps” List

There is a new update to the Play Store, but this one is not as small as the others. It brings a feature that’s been long needed. Remember when they removed the “Purchased” section and replaced it with the “All” list? It was a travesty. This doesn’t exactly make up for it, but at least it allows you to remove all the apps you installed then immediately uninstalled. It’s definitely worth the update.

To remove apps, you just have to hit that remove icon and confirm. However, you probably have a lot of apps there and that would take forever. Luckily, if you long press one app, all others you can just tap to select. Then you can remove them, so it’s a simple way of removing a lot of apps at once.

Another new feature is that it tells you how many updates are available, along with a new icon. Nothing really important, but it wasn’t present in the previous update.

Hit this button right here for the download, or hit the source link for more mirrors.

Android Police

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