New Nexus Phone Coming In “Next 30 Days”, Will Ship With New Android Release – Rumor

Recent rumors have suggested that Google has been planning on releasing up to 5 new Nexus devices this year. While no concrete information has come out to further solidify this claim, a new rumor has emerged that has some serious legs. The rumor, suggested by numerous sources, states that a new Nexus handset is coming within the next 30 days. Yes, as soon as November we could be hearing about Google’s next Nexus device. Adding to the enticing news is the fact that the new phone will ship with a new Android release. Most may be asking – Are we seriously getting Key Lime Pie already? The rumor suggests rather that the next version of Android will not be 5.0 as some have speculated but rather the next update to Jelly Bean. 

Also according to the sources, the device has “already leaked” in blog. Of course this information is all rumors at this point. However, this information has come from 3 different industry sources that Android and Me has spoke with over the last month. Previously these same sources have provided reliable information so they are believed to be trustworthy. 

Even though this OS update will be a point release, several new exclusive features are expected. Rumors have suggested that it will feature multi-user logins, enhanced Maps, an enhanced dialer, enhanced camera features, and native support for wireless display standards like Miracast.

As an enticing tidbit, these sources also said e identity and manufacturer of the next Nexus smartphone has already leaked out. The web has been rampant with rumors over who would make the next Nexus, but signs appear to point to LG. It was believed that the LG Optimus G would be the base of a Nexus device, and other reports continue to support this theory.


According to Android and Me, Andy Rubin may reveal the next Nexus phone at AllThingsD: Dive Into Mobile on October 29-30. This is the same conference that he revealed Android 3.0 on the Xoom in 2010, and he always seems to have big news when he sits down to talk with Walt Mossberg.

Stay tuned to DroidDog for continued coverage of a possible new Nexus device. 

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