New Play Store Updates Allows Users To Add Credit via The Web; Play Magazines Also Featuring New Web Reader

Google has been updating their Play Store consistently as of late. Well the newest changes from the search giant include additions that make usability and function a bit easier despite how insignificant these changes may seem. The latest additions focus on building on the Play Store balance feature Google introduced with the Nexus 7 $25 credit promo and the Play Store gift cards. For those who have opted to use their credit cards on Google Play, new options to purchase credit in denominations of $5, $10, $15, $25, and $50 are now available on the web version of the Play Store. More importantly, it provides users the ability to far more closely monitor their spending habits without overcharging their cards more than they would have liked.

Of course Google Play gift cards are still available but this option gives users quicker access to accessing credit funds to their account.

In addition to this change, Google has worked on releasing a new web reader for Google Play Magazines. This new reader is intended to be for desktop/laptop use as opposed to the existing setup for smartphones/tablets. The new web reader features a two-pane system that breaks content up into individual articles, columns, and features to make it easier to get to what’s important to you in a given issue. You can also view two pages per page-turn if you want. Nevertheless, Google is intent on delivering the absolute best experience it can of the Google ecosystem to its users. Whether you use your smartphone, a tablet, or prefer the more traditional desktop experience Google wants to make it an enjoyable experience.

Check out the source link below to see these new features in action.

Google Play via Phandroid


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