Nexus 7 32GB Pictured On Computer Website, Arriving Soon?

If we had to list one complaint for the Nexus 7 tablet, it would be the lack of internal storage beyond a 16GB model. Currently, Google only sells two Nexus 7 models, an 8GB model that’s only available directly from Google and a 16GB model that’s generally found at your local brick and mortar retail electronics retailer.

The two size selection may be expanding as a new 32GB model has been spotted in the databases of Carphone Warehouse, and CompSource. All of these listings lead to one truth, that Google is prepping a 32GB model for release. Lending even more credence to the idea is that all three sites have the same part numbers and two of them have matching UPC codes. There aren’t any images provided, just stock “coming soon” logos but I think it’s safe to say the only difference will be the internal storage.

With our love of music and video in the cloud, there are still plenty of times that good old fashioned local storage is what’s called for and a 32GB option would probably end up as a popular model.

Android Police

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