[Root] How To Install PlayStation Mobile On Any Device

PlayStation Mobile was released just last night, but most of us can never experience its glory (if you are inclined to call it that). It is only for certified devices, so if you don’t own a Sony or One series device, you’re out of luck. Until now of course. Doing what they do best, developers have gotten around that obstacle and made the app work on other rooted devices. Unlike previously, it installs just fine. Some devices run it well, some don’t. It really depends. But why not try it anyway?

First of all, do this at your own risk. You need to be rooted, which is already warranty voiding in most cases.

Download the PlayStation Mobile APK from the Sony website first. Of course, installing it and running it will give you an error on unsupported hardware. So we move on.

Then download this flashable zip and flash it in recovery. You’ll need a custom recovery, like ClockworkMod. If you don’t want to flash it, you can also place the files manually. There will be two files in the zip. Place playcertetcpermissionscom.playstation.playstationcertified.xml in /system/etc/permissions/ and playcertframeworkcom.playstation.playstationcertified.jar in /system/framework/ using a root enabled file explorer like Solid. Then set permissions of com.playstation.playstationcertified.jar to 644 (read/write, read, read). Pretty simple. Reboot, and you should be good to go!

You’ll need a Sony Entertainment Network account, so go sign up for one if you don’t already have one. And tell us how it goes! Does it work on your device? Are you able to play a lot of those free games? We’d love to know!

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