[RUMOR] Google Employee Posts Photos On Picasa Taken From A Nexus 3

As of late, the amount of Nexus rumors and leaks has been crazy. However, the original rumor of 5 Nexus devices coming from multiple manufactuers has yet to come true. Well some interesting information has surfaced that could lead credence to this rumor.

According to SamMobile, some images have leaked on Picasa from a Google employee with EXF data showcasing a device known as the “Nexus” 3. Although this certainly could be fake – the fact that a Googler is posting these makes it a bit more credible. This is something that we’ve seen with previously unannounced devices including the Nexus 10, in which, Vic Gundotra teased his own photos on Google+ that were taken with the new 10-inch tablet.

Below are the pictures shot with the Nexus 3 (at 3 Megapixels):


The photos are listed as being taken from a “Nexus 3″ built by Samsung. If  true, it looks like Samsung could be getting yet another shot at the Nexus name,  just not how they thought they would. With LG’s Nexus having the “4″ moniker,  it’d make sense that the Nexus 3 be a smaller device and, at long last, there  might be a device that isn’t packing a huge screen to come with pure Android.

As always this is a rumor so please take it with a grain of salt. DroidDog will continue to monitor over any new information that comes out to keep you updated.

Google+ via SamMobile

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