[RUMOR] LG Nexus 4 Will Cost $399 From Play Store – Arriving October 29th, GSM-Only

Over the past 2 weeks, rumors and news have been surrounding the newest Nexus device, LG’s Nexus 4. We’ve heard intense reports of massive Android OS changes as well as hands on-previews of the new device. Certainly for Nexus fans there is no shortage of information available. Now rumors have come to light that reveal potential pricing and availability for the new Nexus.

According to Bytenow, sources have indicated that the LG device will be sold unlocked through the Play Store at $399. Certainly this would not be a surprise as it would align the Nexus 4 with previous Nexus devices. However, it has been said that Google, in an effort to get prices down, will be shipping the new Nexus with only 8GB of storage and no microSD card slot. If this ends up being true, it truly is a travesty as the lack of memory could hold back the device. It is not unknown if Google would plan on selling higher storage options at a higher price. In addition, it is not known if the new Nexus will come at a subsidized, higher storage option, at a major U.S. carrier.

The source did inform Bytenow that the new device “will not land on Verizon Wireless” and that Verizon Wireless “may never carry a Nexus device again” due to their poor management over last year’s Galaxy Nexus. The Verizon variant of the Galaxy Nexus had many failures that stemmed from an extended delay to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean all the way to simple 0.0.1 updates to 4.0.3.

As has been previously rumored the new Nexus device will be available starting October 29th. DroidDog will continue to keep you updated as these facts are either confirmed or denied.

Bytenow via Android Headlines

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